Greatest Baker – Quarterfinals

Group Winner!!!

We’re so excited to announce that our baker, Heather-Liz, has won her group for the Greatest Baker 2020 competition, which means she’s officially a Quarterfinalist!!!

Voting for the quarterfinals runs from Friday, November 20th at 2pm EST to Thursday, November 26th at 11pm EST. In order for her to advace to the Semifinals, she’ll need to win her Quarterfinal group, and the competition is fierce.

Each Quarterfinalist has already won his/her/their own group, so winning will be that much harder this time around. And it’s now an all or nothing game.

How Can I Help?

Keep those daily free votes coming. You can vote once every 24 hours. If you’re feeling generous, you can place Hero Votes. Proceeds from these votes benefit No Kid Hungry, helping to end childhood hunger in our communities.

To vote, visit her Greatest Baker profile.

Thank you!

Heather-Liz truly could no thave made it this far in the competition without all of you. We are so grateful for the love and support you all have shown throughout this competition and beyond. Thank you truly doesn’t seem like enough, but we’ll say it again anyway. THANK YOU!


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